Deva Eternal Yoga Life

DEVA ETERNAL YOGA LIFE is a social /educational / cultural and spiritual organization Dedicated to the cause of human health, development of human potentials and spiritual elevation of individuals for the fuller growth, meaningful and blissful life. “BEING BLISSFUL BEING” is the prime motto of the organization.

Deva Eternal Yoga Life aims at promoting integrated physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health, growth and development, mainly through yogic culture, meditations, teachings, discussions, prayers and also through various social-educational -cultural and charitable services.


Meditation for Health

ISHT  PRAPTI SADHANA(Fulfill  your  real  wishes) is a systematic  course by which you can attain your goals.

KRIYA SANJEEVNI SHAKTI brings  out all your natural healing powers and makes you a source of divine vibrations.

STHAN SHUDDHI is a science to remove unwanted/heavy/ negative/ repeated energy  blocking your growth and happiness from an area , home , office etc.

YOGA  TEACHER TRAINING COURSE  WITH CERTIFICATION- One month Residential Program. Employment  and  free lancing oppurtunity in India and abroad . Residential facility available for girls.

Past Life Regression

STHITHA PRAGYA stitha pragya (perfect stable man) is the mind of steadfast man. The term occurs in Bhagwad Geeta for a man of self control, self restrained, and of balanced mind. The man or a yogi of steadfast mind is the one who rules / reins the indriyas and guides them into action; He seems to be performing his Swadharma (duty) in a non attached way in accordance with his essential nature (swabhava). Actually speaking stitha pragya is one who is stable, un-shakable, steady, dependable, and unwavering.

Kundalini yoga in Chandigarh

NAVA YOGINI MAHIMA SHAKTI (the women of substance):This is special program for empowering  women in all respects and all areas of life... 

KRIYA TAROT - It  is a scientific and mind empowering technique of tarot in which the querents mind and heart is prepared for the tarot session.



YOGI  BUDDHADEVA brings  some special Reiki program on lines of SUMEDHA KRIYA FOR STUDENTS, ESPECIALLY THOSE APPEARING IN BOARDS & COMPETITIVE EXAMS.It  brings out the best ability  of the student . Some special features:
Students stay calm and relaxed ,they develop a sharp memory , they show bright intelligence ,they have untiring vigour and have increased confidence and intuition
Contact for further  details:  8557861163,9888982898, 8968836963