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why i should be yogasth

We were once discussing about a very successful person and someone commented that the person was very aware . That person's awareness helped him activate his viveka so that he could differentiate between reaction/action and kriya . Reaction/action is an activity ( mansavachakarma) that may or may not include awareness . Kriya is an action / reaction that must be done in awareness .Reaction / action will add on to the karmic baggage. Kriya will in due course reduce the karmic baggage and hence blockages in life . Reduction of blockages will automatically lead to success.

Yoga for weight loss!

Children waiting for their meals, spouse for his breakfast and after juggling through this you are required to accomplish the work targets. Multitasking, errands and exertion sum up a woman’s life. In the middle of all this, you repeatedly overlook your body’s basic needs. You prepare good food for your kids but you yourself go for a burger. And you wish to have a perfectly lean body structure.

Yoga Techniques Particularly Helpful For Weight Loss

Ashtanga Yoga : This is type of yoga that focuses on synchronizing different poses with our breath. It includes vigorous yoga exercise and is recommended to beginners. Ashtanga Yoga builds up heat and purifies sweat to detoxify the body. It also speeds up metabolism of the body and thus you burn more calories than normal.