Reiki Healing and Classes in Chandigarh

The word REIKI is unification of two  words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ meaning spiritually influenced life force energy. REIKI can be simply defined as an advanced and highly superior technique that influences the construction and networking of the universe. It is identical to the prana in kundalini yoga.It is the primal force which is the cause of life in everything. It is a great tool for stress diminution. It uses ‘LIFE FORCE ENERGY ’to heal, balance, understated drives and energies that reside inside our bodies. Reiki helps in balancing somatic, emotional, psychological, spiritual imbalances which are otherwise responsible for sufferings, turmoil and also account for problematic situations in one’s life.

By means of this technique or system a practitioner moves or transfers the universal energy to a beneficiary’s body. This energy is passed through an attunement. Reiki teachings are mystical and uncomplicated. In the present time Dr. MIKAU USUI is known to have rediscovered this reiki energy. He led the foundation of REIKI teaching to the desiring students. He also methodically planned the course structure, process of initiation, level, symbols etc .Later, MADAM TAKETA and many others taught REIKI and prepared reiki masters. Now reiki is very popular and widely used all over the world for healing physical, mental, emotional problems. It is very helpful in raising one’s spirits and personal growth. It is a powerful tool in developing intuitive levels in a person. REIKI is pure and innate grant of widespread liveliness.


*Helps an individual to have an appreciation for holistic living and association of one’s dutiful and devoted self.

1. Helps in arousing unimaginable possibilities.

2. Helps in reduction of stress.

3. Helps in balancing the energies which reside inside our bodies.

4. Helps in balancing glands and organs, also helps in tissue rejuvenation.

5. Relieves pain and nausea and helps in clearing toxins.

6. Helps in improving memory and enhances creativity.

7. Helps a person to release his blocked and obstructed emotions.

8. Soothes depression, restlessness and is a source of motivation for unconfident.

9. Builds up positive instincts and gives a convincing direction to a holy being to live holistically.

10. Helpful and beneficial in pregnancy, labor and delivery.

11. Meant for everyone regardless of gender, group, young and old.

12. Helps in healing of chronic and constitutional kinds of disease.

Reiki  for  Student

Student  life  is  very  crucial , decisive  and significant  as  the  entire life structure of a person depends on the activities of this phase .Reiki  is a divine universal  energy  that helps  students tap  into  their  highest  potential .

1) It  brings  the  intellect  to  a  state of concentration ( ekagrata) .

2) It  help  dissolve  doubt , confusion , negative attitude and boost  will  power and  confidence .

3) It  balances  the  mind , both brain hemispheres  and multifold  increase in  memory .

4) The  Reiki  increases  untiring  vigour , stamina  and  mental  powers .

5) It  makes  one  emotionally  stable  , self controlled  and  a  man  of  discipline .

6) It  helps  get  rid  of  harmful  habits  like laziness , consuming  unhealthy items etc.

7) Learning  abilities  become  sharp and ever  increasing .

8) An  overall  awareness  and  good  civic  sense   is  developed  in  the  student .

9) Yogi ji  gives  a  special  attunement  to  the  students .

10) It  removes  karmic  blockages  and  develops  VIVEKA ( power  of  discrimination ) .